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What is the ManoMano affiliate programme ?

The affiliate programme, called the ManoMano Network, is offered by ManoMano.co.uk to anybody producing quality content in the world of DIY home and garden, and who has the ManoMano spirit.

The aim of the programme is to enable our affiliates to promote the products sold on the ManoMano platform for a commission on the purchases made by their audience through their affiliate links.

Who is the programme for ?

The ManoMano Network programme is open to all websites, except promotional code and cashback sites. This programme is especially suited to bloggers, website publishers, video creators or online community leaders.

However, ManoMano reserves the right to refuse sites whose content is not compatible with its values.

Why sign up ?

In joining the programme, you have the opportunity to increase your income through your website or community, and to earn a commission on all the purchases made on ManoMano.co.uk by people using your affiliate links.

Why sign up with ManoMano ?

You can choose which products to promote from our selection of more than 300,000 DIY, home improvement and gardening products.
Many specialised products available nowhere else.
Our closed marketplace allows for ultra-competitive prices.
An exceptional commission rate of 7%.
Cookies will last for 10 days, while other programmes only offer a window of a few hours.
Account managers are at your disposal to help you set up and optimise your system.
We rigorously select our merchants to ensure customer satisfaction.

How do I sign up?

Simply complete the online registration form or contact us. Once we have approved your registration, you will receive access to your tracking interface as well as a unique affiliate reference or “referer_id” identifier.

How does it work?

You simply add your “referrer ID” at the end of a ManoMano URL when you insert the link on your website, so we can attribute the purchases made by customers to your website. You can also use the affiliate link generator tool available in your account.

Example: https://www.manomano.co.uk/drill/makita-dhp482z-18v-combi-drill-lxt-body-only-1443119?referer_id=XXXXXX

How do I build an affiliate link?

Go to our website and locate the product, category or brand that you wish to promote.
The URL builder, which we have put at your disposal, will help you turn any URL from ManoMano into an affiliate link.
Simply paste your link into the URL builder, copy the link that’s been generated for you, and paste it into the contents of your website.

As long as the URL ends with “?referer_id=XXXXXX”, XXXXXX being your personal referrer ID, you can choose to use any of the following :

The home page URL: https://www.manomano.fr/?referer_id=XXXXXX
The product page URL: https://www.manomano.fr/perceuse/perceuse-visseuse-makita-18-v-1442269?referer_id=XXXXXX
The product category page URL: https://www.manomano.fr/vmc-simple-flux-1621?referer_id=XXXXXX
Or any other URL from ManoMano!

If the URL you intend on promoting already contains a ‘?’, you will need to use ‘&’ to join on the referrer ID, otherwise the tracking will fail.

For example:
Basket share link: https://www.manomano.fr/mon-panier?&sp[0][i]=63462&sp[0][q]=1&sp[1][i]=860476&sp[1][q]=1&referer_id=XXXXXX
Search results link: https://www.manomano.fr/recherche?substring=perceuse+sans+fil&referer_id=XXXXXX

How do I create a share link for a basket containing multiple items?

Sharing your basket is useful in terms of presenting a set of products that can be bought together as part of a DIY or gardening project. To do so, click ‘Share my basket’ when you are in your cart, and copy the share link.

Are URL shorteners allowed?

You are allowed to put your affiliate links through a URL shortener. As long as the URL input contained your referrer ID, this will not affect the tracking.

Where can I put affiliate links?

You can put your affiliate links wherever you wish on your website or in your posts. For example, you can insert them in your editorial content, in your advertising space, in your e-mails, social media posts, or in the descriptions of your YouTube videos.

How do I earn a commission from sales?

“In the context of “multi-channel” sales, the “last-click” method is used to assign the origin of each purchase, wherein each purchase is attributed to the last sponsored, marketing or promotional link on which a customer has clicked. Clicking on non-promotional links, such as a natural search result in Google©, gives you the commission from the sale.

Example 1: A customer discovers the site by clicking on a Google© ad. They do not buy on site directly. Later, they discover your content and click on your link to return to the site where they make a purchase. You are the last click before the purchase. The sale is assigned to you and generates a commission.

Example 2: A customer clicks on your link, but does not make a purchase. Later, they type “manomano” into Google© and clicks on the natural search result from Google©. They then make a purchase. This purchase is attributed to you since your link was the last “promotional” click.

Example 3: A customer clicks on your link, browses our site, but does not buy right away. Some time later, they click on another sponsored link (another partner, a Google© ad, …) and finally makes a purchase on our site. The sale will not be awarded to you because you will not be the last sponsored click before the purchase.”

How long is the attribution period?

“At ManoMano we realise that buying DIY or gardening products is an important decision that requires careful consideration. Purchases made via an affiliate link are therefore attributed to the author of the content for a period of 10 days from the moment the visitor clicks on this link.

After this 10 day period, customer purchases will no longer be awarded to the affiliate.”

What purchases are awarded to the affiliate?

“Affiliates are granted all purchases made by a customer who has been directed to the site through the Affiliate’s own affiliate link, that is, not only the product directly promoted, but also the other products purchased by this customer.

Example: You have produced the following content “AZ-132 pneumatic drill test”. You have inserted a link in your content towards this product from our site. A user interested in pneumatic drills clicks on your link and goes to our website. They decide to buy a chainsaw and 3 screwdrivers. These 4 purchases will be awarded to you and your commission will be applied to all of these purchases.

The following sales will not be awarded to affiliates:

Purchases made yourself, by relatives, associates or partners
Purchases by a ManoMano employee or its subsidiaries
A sale not properly assigned due to a technical failure on your site, incorrect formatting of your affiliate link, or a link to an invalid page
Purchases refunded to customers, cancelled orders or products returned by customers
Purchases made on a ManoMano site for a country other than ManoMano.co.uk.”

How much is the commission ?

The percentage of the commission paid to the affiliate is fixed at 7%.

How is the commission calculated ?

The commission paid to the affiliate is calculated from the total sale, excluding any tax and delivery fees.

How is the commission paid?

“If your commission is more than £50 at the end of the month, then a bank transfer is issued to the bank account given by the affiliate at the time of registration.

For professionals no need to send us invoices to get paid! ManoMano has set up a billing system that allows us to issue invoices on your behalf for each commission payment. You can then download your ready made invoices from your affiliate account.”

What marketing methods are available to affiliates?

You can use text links to highlight your content. An affiliate link generator tool is available in your affiliate account. You can also ask your account manager to provide you with banner ads.

Can I track my performance?

Yes, a performance tracking dashboard is available online within the affiliate interface that features overall statistics as well as details of the purchases made.

Are there any fees associated with being an affiliate?

There are no registration or administrative fees. However, bank transfers for the payment of commission may incur fees for the affiliate.

Can I cancel at any time?

The affiliate is free to leave the programme whenever they wish by simply informing their account manager.

Do any restrictions apply?

Affiliates cannot use affiliate links directly in SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns, Display, Shopping, or any other types of paid or sponsored promotion. However, affiliates can promote their own content.

Example: the affiliate can buy the keyword “hammer” and include a promotional link in their article that deals with this topic. However, they will not be able to buy the keyword “hammer” and link directly to our website via an affiliate link.

In the case of SEM or other campaigns, the partner will not be able to place any bid(s) on keywords “manomano” or any variations of our brand name.

Can I sign up if I am already subscribed to another affiliate programme?

Yes, you can participate in the ManoMano Network affiliate programme alongside other affiliation programmes; there is no exclusivity clause.

Can I participate in the programme in another country?

ManoMano is present in numerous countries (France, Spain, Italy, the UK, and Germany) . To sign up for an affiliate account in another country, you must create a separate account for each country. If you wish to participate in the programme for a website other than ManoMano.co.uk, you need to contact your account manager, who will open an account for you in the desired country.

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