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Migration FAQs – ManoMano Network x Awin

Migrate your ManoMano Network account to Awin with ease!

Any questions (either big or small)? You're in the right place! If you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch with us, we'll be happy to help!

What is Awin?

Part of the Axel Springer and United Internet Groups, Awin is a global affiliate network. With ShareASale, the Awin group is comprised of 15 offices worldwide, 1,000 employees, over 200,000 contributing publishers and 15,500 advertisers, connecting customers with brands in over 180 countries around the globe. Operating across the retail, telecommunications, travel and finance sectors, Awin generated £11.3 billion in revenue for its advertisers and £635 million for its publishers in the last financial year.

Why is this migration taking place?

ManoMano has been expanding and now depends upon affiliate marketing more than ever. We looked to industry leader Awin to help us meet our growing needs, thereby ensuring our partners would have high-performance tools specifically designed for monetising websites.

What will happen to my account on the ManoMano Network?

Your account, like the platform, will be permanently closed on Saturday, October 31 at 11:59 p.m. (UTC + 1)

What will happen to my commissions?

All commissions you have generated on the closing date of the account will be paid to you, even if they equal less than €50.

How do I create an Awin account?

Don’t have an Awin account? Not to worry. Sign up to the platform by following the publisher registration form via the following link:


Once Awin validates it, you will automatically be signed up to our affiliate programme.

Why must I pay £5 when signing up for Awin?

This is simply a deposit so that people are prevented from creating fake profiles on the Awin platform. As written in Article 7.1 of the publishers’ terms and conditions, the subscription deposit will be refunded to the Publisher upon the first payment of any Commission.

Do I need to change all my links manually?

Do you have your own website?
If that is the case, the Awin plugin “”Convert-A-Link”” lets you convert all links on your site redirecting to ManoMano into affiliate links. No more broken links. This plugin is available in two forms:
– a WordPress plugin;
– and a JavaScript script.

Learn more about the plugin on this page. (Awin Convert-a-Link module)

Is your affiliation via a social network platform or YouTube?

Unfortunately, your only alternative is to change all of the links in your videos and posts. You can use the URL builder on your Awin space to convert all of your links into Awin affiliate links.

What will become of my product feed?

As with your account on our internal platform, your feed will be deleted when the accounts close. A tool is available on the Awin platform for generating your own product feed, created from the various advertiser feeds with which you will be affiliated.

Who will manage my invoicing and payment of my commissions?

Awin is responsible for paying your commissions and generating your invoices. You will be able to access self-billing invoices for commissions and bonuses via the interface.

What’s more, since payments on the Awin platform can be processed up to twice a month, your commissions will be paid more frequently depending on the amount you generate in a month.

What has changed?

Your commitment is with the company Awin
– You will enter into a contract with Awin.

Payment and billing terms
– The applicable payment and billing terms are detailed in Article “”7. INVOICING AND PAYMENT”” of Awin’s terms and conditions for publishers.

What hasn't changed?

Our relationship. We are keeping our live affiliation. Only the platform has changed. ManoMano will continue to offer you quality content for ManoMano. Your commitments to ManoMano will not change.

How does the Awin platform work? (e.g.: How can I get a tracking link? Where can I track my performance? How do I create a product feed?)?

Detailed information about how the Awin platform works can be found on the Awin Wiki, including clear explanations and step-by-step guides!

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